Common question about backlinks and understanding the importance of it.

Why is it important?
How to track?
Best way to obtain links pointing to your site?

A common oversight getting traffic to your site is understanding backlinks. Backlinks improve Organic Rankings in order to get a higher position on search engines. It helps with securing your sites pages get indexed quicker and it helps with generating traffic that you earn without the use of marketing ads (Paid Per Click, PPC).

The best way to obtain links to your site from other sites is to understand your business model as a whole. Can you offer websites a benefit to pointing to your site? Think about what you have to offer them, in return they can link to your site. There are endless possibilities that could be looked into in obtaining this strategy. A very important thing to remember and realize, make sure the link they are sending the traffic to is of importance. The best links are links that have a purpose. Not just a static link because we feel google can pick up on those. Always have meaning in your content and content that is targeting you.

Tracking Backlinks is possible by a few different services, with our enterprise SEO services here, we offer the monitoring of backlinks, if they are broken, out dated or just the links you would not like to have up in general. Using services like SEMrush or little Opus property software run by our internal devs can help you maintain a good all around structured backlink web.

In the end, Backlinks offer a well-rounded source of organic rankings, and its beneficial for your strategy to try and target it as much as possible.