Home to Many Unique & Prestigious Cities

Ventura: Home to the Channel Islands National Park, Ventura offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, sea cave kayaking, and camping. The city also boasts a range of accommodations from hotels to oceanfront camping, alongside a thriving scene of craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Popular attractions include Serra Cross Park, the Ventura to Ojai Paved Bike Path, and the historic Mission San Buenaventura. For those interested in local wildlife, whale watching off Ventura’s coast is a must-do experience.

Oxnard: Featuring beautiful beaches, a rich cultural heritage, and a variety of dining options, Oxnard is a delightful destination. The Mullin Automotive Museum and the Channel Islands Maritime Museum are must-visit destinations for art and history enthusiasts. Oxnard’s harbor provides access to Channel Islands National Park, and the city’s annual California Strawberry Festival is a highlight. If you’re a musician, the drum manufacturer, DW (Drum Workshop) is a must-visit destination, as they offer public tours that show their drum-making process in a unique and up-close setting.

Conejo Valley: Offering a blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, Conejo Valley invites visitors to explore its hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, visit the Gardens of the World, and tour local wineries. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is another notable attraction.

Camarillo: Known for its premium outlets, Camarillo also offers a rich historical experience at the Camarillo Ranch House and the Commemorative Air Force Museum. Outdoor activities such as golfing and exploring local parks add to the charm of this community.

Thousand Oaks: Home to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Thousand Oaks is a haven for culture and nature lovers. Attractions like the Gardens of the World and the Chumash Indian Museum are also popular. This is also the home of little Opus, LLC!

Simi Valley: Famous for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, Simi Valley also features the Strathearn Historical Park and Museum, and the Corriganville Movie Ranch for film history enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers.

Moorpark: Known for its historical and educational attractions such as the Moorpark College Teaching Zoo and the Underwood Family Farms, Moorpark offers a fun and informative experience for families.

Fillmore: A small town with a rich history, Fillmore invites visitors to enjoy scenic train rides on the Fillmore & Western Railway and explore its historic downtown with local shops and restaurants.

Port Hueneme: This coastal city is characterized by the Port Hueneme Beach Park and the Naval Construction Battalion Center. The Hueneme Beach Festival is a notable event in the city.

Ojai: Renowned for its vibrant arts scene, spiritual retreats, and outdoor activities, Ojai is a cultural hub. The Ojai Valley Museum and numerous art galleries showcase the local culture, and the area is popular for hiking and biking.

Each of these communities in Ventura County offers unique experiences and attractions, making it a diverse and exciting destination for visitors.

These Are Just a Few of the Surrounding Areas and Cities – But There’s Much More to See…

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