Lets look this up: Continuity
• The unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.
• The maintenance of continuous action and self-consistent detail in the various scenes of a movie or broadcast.

What we all aim to achieve, to have an unbroken, self-consistent, and detailed existence in everything we do.
I mean why not right!
You can apply the method of continuity to just about every aspect of Branding & Marketing or really anything for that matter. For the sake of this blog though let’s focus on why it’s important for the two questions below.

Continuity Questions
• How does Continuity apply to your Brand’s business model?
• How does Continuity apply to a Production?

Production Continuity

In a production sense it’s simple, have you ever watched a film and one scene the actress/actor was drinking out of a glass and it was full, then the next cut it was half empty. Or the clothes they had on were different colors all together with in matter of seconds!

This is a BIG NO-NO in the production industry. Doing this instantly breaks the user’s attention to what you are trying to create for them. That sense of them being there in the movie, relating to the experience. Then they dwell on that, completely ignoring anything else you had to offer.

Having a continuity supervisor is a must.
Amazing on set Quality control. Fixing this in Post is expensive!
Listen to your crews opinion, don’t discredit anyone. If they are able to notice something, more likely the majority will as well.

Brand Continuity

This is an important one as well, people remember consistency. It helps if your company, regardless of what your approach is, to have an element of constant focus. It lets the consumer know that it is you, especially if you have multiple products or services. Just by the visual aspects, but it also ensures your business model is remembered and they all relate to your company as a whole.

A simple start to get focused on your Brands Continuity.
What are your companies Colors, Fonts, Copy, Your Message, Logo, etc.
Creating a company style sheet, so all business activities can reference any of these elements they might need is a perfect way to help your business Brand Continuity start its focus.

Continuity, it’s your Best Friend

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