Organic Rankings, Earned Placement?
Your position on the search result that is not paid for with an Advertisement (Ad)

It’s single-handed the most important SEO element and its obtained by some major factors below.

Ways to Increase Organic Rankings on Search Engines.
Website Load Time
Optimized website pages
Correct use of Fonts, header tags
Improved content formatting
Using correct Meta words and meta descriptions
Blogging, even if you think your site does not call for it.

The term Organic Search comes from the way your rank placement earned its position on the results page. Ads usually show up at the top of Google when you search and it hits a keyword you are looking for. However, when that ad runs out of money to place itself. That company might not be near the top 10 pages even. Therefor losing out on their chance for returning consumers to find their business and resulting in their competitors winning the click.

This is why its always healthy to have a good SEO strategy along with SEM strategy. To ensure your position is up there with your competitors or higher.

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What are Organic Rankings?

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