Short answer. YES!

The key to blogging is NEW Content, well-structured content on topics that relate to your brand, business, or products.

Don’t just start talking about something that does not relate to what you do. Google and other engines are pretty good at picking up on that. Be focused on your content and you will see that it will start to help drive traffic organically. It may take months but it’s the investment all companies that do well are putting the time in and seeing the benefits.

“I feel I don’t have much to talk about on a product though.”
It is a common misconception, there is always something to talk about on a company even if it is 1 product.

The few topics below alone you can go on and on about.
• How is the product or service used?
• How did I come up with the idea?
• Talk about the company itself.
• How you all contribute to making the amazing product and or service.
But remember, focus on the company, do not get off-topic.

Remember you do not need to make them long, 400-800 words. Split it up or break it down into even more topics with another blog with a different headline. It will help build your content and give you a well-rounded structure and foundation too your companies blogs.

A good blog shows that you care about your services or products. It shows your consumers that you’re giving your not just something you’re selling but offering advice about it. This brings a sense of reassurance to them. They want to know you are focusing on their needs and not just your own.

When there is a lack of information about your business and your services it makes it very hard to trust you know what you’re doing. It also makes it very hard to sell to your consumer without something backing it up and what greater way to do so than to Blog.

So Blog AWAY! Have fun doing it 🙂

Why Blog, would my business really benefit from it?

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