From graphic design to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, little Opus is truly a one stop shop.

Website Design & Development to Managing your companies full-scale websites.

Little Opus has a programming team that has worked on some of the most influential programs of today’s date. Our dev methods help ensure our recommendations reach the people they need to. Be assured we can use our skills to supply your company whatever task is at hand.

Development Services

If you are an SEO strategist or online marketing/optimization company – We can work with you to provide a wealth of useful data about your clients, and most importantly, help you actually implement the most effective SEO strategies into your client’s website(s) and online presence.

App Development, Mobile apps. Games. Problem solving-based, non-Web-based software development that includes programming languages such as Java, C, Unity, etc.

Proprietary Software
Database Specialists

When it comes to Custom Applications Creation and Optimizing Submissions on Apple App Store & Google Play & Microsoft Store we at Little Opus have had Years of experience. With some of the most creative applications designed to the marketing of each product.

Depending on if you have a Dev Team or not, we can help streamline your current process, or Project manage all your web dev needs. We would work directly with you and your current management with weekly video meetings on progress as well as daily status updates based on tasks at hand.

Designing and coding background software created to support application development.
We Build the behind-the-scenes software.

Augmented Reality

Our Specialty, Augmented Reality! Our Developers not only know AR. They pretty much helped design some of the leading software out there. Not only do we develop AR apps. Our team has help design some of the worlds most viewed & visited AR amusement park rides that utilize Augmented Reality. Let us help you push your next application to the outer limits!

"Keep looking up … That’s the secret of life." 
- Charlie Brown

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