Fully-custom website development, design and management services.
Whether you’re in the early planning stages or need your existing site modified and updated, we provide top-to-bottom solutions for projects of any size.

Website Development & Design

Our development methods help ensure your project is done correctly and on time
The little Opus team approaches every project with an open mind and a practical hands-on attitude

Website Development Services

Website Development

From early concept and planning stages to execution, we are a full-service web solutions provider that is highly experienced in all aspects of the process and technologies used to create exceptional online experiences.

Our development specialties include WordPress, Shopify, and other content management systems (CMS).
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Website Management

Website Project Management Solutions. Have us maintain your companies website. We will keep you informed on the latest updates that are constantly coming out in this ever-changing industry. Then we can apply our findings to help further your companies online presence.

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Website Management

SEO Strategy & Implementation

Are you a SEO strategist or online marketing / optimization agency?
We can work with you to provide a wealth of useful data about your clients. Most importantly – we can do the actual technical implementation required to extend and make the most-effective SEO strategies for your clients come to life.
Let us be your SEO Implementation Vendor – Contact us for details

What is SEO Implementation?

It’s the process of taking SEO Recommendations from an Agency to improve your website’s performance. Many tools out there to let a website owner know how their site is performing and what might be wrong with it. From page speed to error in coding, we take the reports that might have been supplied to you and can solve the reasons those issues are coming up.

How We Help

There are a lot of Website owners that do not have an internal Development team or SEO Agencies that do not have a development team to offer their clients. We alleviate that problem by being able to either supply you with the SEO recommendations and implement the coding process or take provided SEO recommendations and apply our methods to optimize your website or client’s website accordingly.

Application Development

Desktop & Mobile Development.

Problem solving-based, non-Web-based software development that includes programming languages such as Java, C, Unity, etc.

When it comes to Custom Applications Creation and Optimizing Submissions on Apple App Store & Google Play & Microsoft Store we at Little Opus have had Years of experience. With some of the most creative applications designed to the marketing of each product.

Depending on if you have a Dev Team or not, we can help streamline your current process, or Project manage all your web dev needs. We would work directly with you and your current management with weekly video meetings on progress as well as daily status updates based on tasks at hand.

Designing and coding background software created to support application development.
We Build the behind-the-scenes software.

Utilizing Our Extended Development Services

Here at little Opus, our vast knowledge and understanding of the services we offer enables us to do the quality of work you are require in any upcoming or existing project. Our team takes pride in all we do and will always go above and beyond for you.

Augmented Reality
Interactive Design

Custom Application Development
iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Website Audits
Database Specialists

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