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Our Marketing Services

Improve Search Rankings, Content Creation, Design

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Is absolutely the most-effective tool in the Internet marketing toolbox. Our team is more than familiar with the usual suspects of SEO in addition to much more unique and “outside-the-box” techniques of approaching as well as more unique and highly technical and the more unusual and we use every tactic we know and we make sure to utilize each too and ensure the best possible rankings we can achieve.

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SEM, Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM and why needed as well as SEO? SEM is the practice of paid advertising. Knowing the value of topics and phrases for marketing helps us determine your best overall approach PPC Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, app store, PPC campaigns.

Reputation Management

Today’s day in age, reputation score can be one of the most concerning aspects of a company. Social media outlets, Employment Agencies, maintaining your good standing with the community as well as with other business is just as important as anything else. We are here to use our tools and knowledge on how to achieve the presence you wish to have.


Understanding the data obtained from your website records is truly an art form in itself. We will run your reports and analyze them for you throughout the whole process of our relationship.

Analyitcs Implementation

If you are an SEO strategist or online marketing/optimization company. We can work with you to provide a wealth of useful data about your clients, and most importantly, help you implement the most effective SEO strategies into your client’s website(s) and online presence. From migrating/ managing WP sites with thousands of pages to the most basic of sites. All are important and require attention to detail you deserve.

Design & Branding

Our goal is to make the designs speak to you and your clients. We want them not only be intrigued by the concept designs but also to be able to find exactly what they are looking for in the content they are viewing. From concept to completion/execution (synonym need…) the promotion of a particular product or company utilizing advertising and distinctive design.

Content Creation / Blog

Content creation is everything when it comes to SEO. Having writers that understand your company business model ensures that your Brand and or product gets its meaning across.

Video / Media Marketing & Management

Trying to reach your clients with your media content? Little Opus is no stranger to this world. With countless of Ads, Major Motion Pictures, TV content behind our team’s belt we truly know how to bring your YouTube and other media outlets to the audience you’re are trying to reach. Many are not aware that YouTube itself requires you to engine optimize your channel, this is where we thrive! Not only can we build content for you, we can Manage it as well.

Amazon Marketplace Management

With the experience of placing over 75,000+ products on Amazon! Managing numerous major venders on Seller Central and Vendor Central. Our team knows how to maintain your Amazon Market Place and drive the traffic you are trying to reach. If it’s Branding or Managing your Storefront we understand the in’s and outs of Amazon.

We offer Custom Proposals for every company based on your needs. Please reach out to us with your RFP (Request for Proposal), or as much info as you can provide  on your current project or future endeavor and we would be more than happy to extend our feedback. Hope to hear from you soon.

Utilizing Our Extended Marketing Services

Our vast knowledge and understanding of the services we offer, enable us to do the quality of work you are looking for in any project.

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Social Media Management
YouTube Management
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