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Enhanced SEO Optimization Plugin & Site Crawling Analyzer Toolset

Our little Opus Tools

Our soon-to-be-released WordPress SEO OpusOptimize plugin and OpusCrawl will allow you to crawl both small and large websites for all types of page issues and monitor websites’ performance from inside your site itself.

WordPress Plugin

SEO OpusOptimize

We consolidate many useful plugins into a stable and optimized single toolset. Opus Optimize: starts by running your site through speed test insights, and displays it on your WordPress Admin Panel.

  • Insights Monitor
  • Page Duplicator
  • Improved Admin Panel Page Search
  • Admin Panel Page Grouping
  • Plugin Out of Date Notifications
  • Block Page or Image/File Indexing
  • Admin Records
  • Many other features!

Desktop/Tablet Application


If your website has hundreds of thousands of web pages or even just a few. Finding broken links, misspellings, and errors can be an unrelenting task. Our new standalone app puts those days at ease.

  • Find Broken Links
  • Analyze Page Titles & Meta Data
  • Generate XML Sitemaps
  • Discover Duplicate Content
  • Redirects Audit
  • Compare Crawls & Staging
  • Search Console Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Custom Source Code Search
  • Crawl Limit Unlimited

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