We Use Our Extensive Production Expertise & Focus on Marketing at its Core.

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Video Production & Post Production

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of groundwork for video creation has reached millions.
Film, Visual Effects to Special Effects, we offer the ability to produce a better overall experience for you and your project.

Commercial Production

Even in today’s date, Commercial Marketing Production is just as important as ever. Our team has the background of working on some of the biggest commercials in history. We can help you execute the best ad marketing to reach the audience you are trying to target.

Videography, Production

Our skilled camera crew can capture the shots needed.
Little Opus’s team has an extensive filming background, we are well versed in all aspects of videography. We offer a wide range of Videography for Marketing/Content Creation.

Video Emails
360 Videos

Company Culture
Tutorial/How To
Product Review
Live Streaming

Post Production, Editing

With some of the best post-production team in the industry, Little Opus has an amazing background of Video Editing to Visual Effects there is to offer. Our team has worked movies that have reached billions of views and generated billions in revue. We know design, we know what it takes to have the extensive attention to detail.

Visual Effects

One thing we can brag about is our team’s background in some of the biggest movies in history and our team member’s contribution to visual effects in them. When it comes to design we know our stuff.

Compositing, Modeling, Animation, Motion Effects, you name it, we know it.

Utilizing Our Production Services

Here at little Opus, our vast knowledge and understanding of the services we offer, enable us to do the quality of work you are requiring in any upcoming or existing project. Our team takes pride in all we do and will always go above and beyond for you.

Special Effects
Set Location
Set Creation


Video Editing
Visual Effects, CGI

“When all else fails, write what your heart tells you. You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
- Mark Twain