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Website Maintenance & Managing

We manage and maintain some of the countries largest companies down to the local entrepreneur. Treating all our clients with the same care and hold their needs to the highest regard. We are here to make your life easier, as well as save the company from over budgeting by hiring an internal management team.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Dev Team

You will have access to your Management team during your business hours by the following, Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Discord, Phone. We can even schedule in-person meetings.

  • Budget Savings
  • Higher Returns on Investments
  • Project Management Team
  • Solutions Solving
  • Streamlining Workflow
  • Improved Efficiency
  • More Management Time
  • Level the playing field
  • Offers Staffing Flexibilit

Utilizing Our Services

Our vast knowledge and understanding of the services we offer, enable us to do the quality of work you are looking for in any project.


Our Marketing methods focus on the newest trends as well as employing evergreen content stability to your Brand or Business. Our ability to apply our development and production skills here at little Opus ensures that projects achieve the goal set forth for our clients.


Applying our recommendations is key to your success. Without the knowledge and ability, we just become another SEO/Marketing agency that subcontracts out work. Our understanding of frameworks and programming languages gives us the upper hand.


We live for Production, all of us here at little Opus have a place in our hearts for film and creating a story. With our extensive background in the industry, rest assured we can capture your dream.

"Keep looking up … That’s the secret of life." 
- Charlie Brown